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California's Premier Panelized Kit Home Manufacture

California's Premier Panelized Kit Home Manufacturer

We specialize in helping individuals build their own home, barn or garage; faster and better while at the same time saving money. There are four parts to our building process; Pre-Engineered Plans, Panelized Building Kits, Owner-Builder Financing and our Professional Network of Licensed Dealers who are there to help you through the complete building process.

Pre-Engineered Plans

We offer a large selection of Pre-Engineered custom plans from which to choose. These plans appeal to a wide range of design styles and sizes. Since our plans are computer designed, this gives us the flexibility to change almost any design to meet your individual preferences. If you don’t see the plan you’re looking for, we can create a custom plan for you from your ideas and desires.

Panelized Building Kits

Our Panelized Home Building Kits will help you build your new home faster, better and at the same time saving money. Our Panelized Building Kits include high qualify pre-framed and numbered walls sections and roof trusses. Then we provide a diagram that shows were these number sections are placed on the foundation and roof system. To further speed the construction process, we factory install the windows and wall sheathing. Our goal is to provide you with a building system that is of the highest quality and the fastest to build.

Owner-Builder Financing

When you are preparing to build a new home, one of your first steps in getting started is financing. Pacific Modern Homes has one of the best owner builder financing programs available in today’s market. It allows you, the owner builder, the flexibility to do as much of the work in building your new home as you desire. You also have the option to choose a general contractor to assemble and finish your home package on your building site. Pacific Modern Homes’ owner builder financing program includes fast, pre-qualified construction financing on approved credit, including land, home, and permits, with long-term mortgages up to thirty years at competitive rates.

Licensed Dealer

The dream of building your new project comes together with the experience and assistance of your licensed PMHI Dealer. Your Dealer will help you through the entire process of completing your building project; from choosing your plan and obtaining permits to financing options and finish material packages. Your Dealer can also assist you with selecting subcontractors to complete the phases of construction you choose not to do on your own. Your Dealer is committed to helping you throughout the entire process of your building project.

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