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Per the graph above, from Automated Builder Magazine, 50% of the homes built in America in 2009 were panelized (many by PMHI) and 39% of the homes were job site built or stick built.

There are reasons for using Panels:

  • Faster construction time
  • Lower costs
  • Better quality

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Building an Affordable House is a very useful book, full of examples and suggestions about how to build your new home more economically. So, why would we suggest this book? Simple, one of the construction techniques suggested is the use of wall panels and roof trusses. The author, Fernando Pages Ruiz, even goes so far as to predict, "Prefabrication is the future".

Mr. Ruiz further explains his belief in wall panels in an article he wrote for the March 2005 issue of Fine Homebuilding titled "Better Framing with Factory-Built Walls".

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