Plan Your Dream Home

We Make It Simple

The first step toward building your dream home is deciding which floor plan meets your desires and budget. You can choose from our existing plans below. We can modify any of our existing plans. Or, we can produce a custom plan that incorporates your plan ideas. If you choose one of our existing plans the next step is to request the free plan review set for the plan you've selected. After you've decided which way you'd like to go, your local PMHI dealer can help you with anticipated building costs.

We Guarantee

You'll have the Right Amount of Material - When you build your new structure using PMHI plans and the PMHI panelized building system. This provides for better cost control and peace of mind. Contact your local PMHI dealer for more details.

Personalize Our Plans

We can modify any of our plans to meet your individual requirements. Simply request the free plan review set for the plan you'd like to modify, note the desired changes and send them on to your local PMHI dealer. They'll get back to you with the cost to make the changes you want.

Engineer Stamped

No need to find a local engineer when you use PMHI plans. Our plans Include engineering for the complete structure including the foundation, even if you're building on a sloped lot or a have basement. Additional charges may apply depending upon the specifics of individual projects. PMHI plans are only sold as part of the PMHI panelized building system.

Have Your Own Ideas?

If you have your own plan ideas we can produce a Custom Plan that incorporates your ideas.

Do You Want To "Age-In-Place"?

'Age-in-Place' is one of the terms used to describe one's desire to live in their home as long as they want.

To help make this happen PMHI has developed the Transitional Home Environment (T.H.E.) T.H.E. Home Plans are uniquely created to incorporate flexible Life-Style options, Home Automation and Accessible Design Features.

Have Your Own Blueprints?

If you already have completed plans, and they meet our production guidelines, PMHI can build a package using your plans. Contact your local PMHI dealer for more information and a free package quote.

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